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Thanks to all our SpeedSpan customers.

March 1, 2017

TO: [each known creditor and to each person that has a claim against the corporation]

This is a Notice of dissolution to creditors and claimants against Airaghi Group, Inc, 
dba SpeedSpan

(1) All claims shall be presented in writing and shall identify the claimant and 
    contain sufficient information to reasonably inform the corporation of the 
    substance of the claim.
(2) The mailing address to which the person must send the claim:
       	P.O. Box 8154
	Cincinnati Ohio  45208
(3) The deadline by which the corporation must receive the claim:
         	May 15th, 2017
(4) NOTE: any claims will be barred if the corporation does not receive the claim 
    by the deadline.
(5) The corporation may make distributions to other creditors or claimants, 
    including distributions to shareholders of the corporation, without further 
    notice to the claimant.

Please call Larry Airaghi at 513 658 2258, if needed.

Larry Airaghi, President
Airaghi Group, Inc., dba SpeedSpan
PO Box 8154
Cincinnati Ohio  45208
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