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About QTH
  •, Inc. is based in La Crosse, Wisconsin and has been providing web and email hosting services since 1996. currently has about 2,300 active hosting customers.
  • Scott Neader is the owner of the business. Scott has been married for 20 years and has 3 children, aged 12, 15, 18. Scott worked at CenturyLink for 17 years, where he helped them launch dialup Internet service in the Midwest and was also heavily involved in the launch and support of DSL, T1, DS3 and Metro Ethernet Internet services. Scott eventually became the Manager of Customer Data Support for Metro Ethernet services for the entire CenturyLink network, before leaving the company in 2008 to focus on full-time.
  • All servers utilize the popular cPanel control panel software, to allow customers the ability to easily create and manage Email Accounts and Forwarders, MySQL Databases, FTP Accounts, Subdomains, DNS Entries, etc. The cPanel can also be used to let the customer choose which PHP version they wish to run (5.2 through 5.6 and even the beta version of 7.0)
  • All servers use software called Lightweight Virtual Environment (LVE) that prevents any one single customer from over-utilizing server resources and causing problems for other customers on the same server. This creates a very stable server environment for all customers.
  • All servers use software called Cage File System (CageFS) that keeps each customer sandboxed -- a hacked account can't get at other customer files or at root-level files, preventing compromising the server or other customers on the same server, even in the event of a hacked account.
  • QTH is very security focused, and run various systems to protect the servers (Firewall, Brute-Force Login Failure Detection, etc.) and to proactively detect and prevent attempts at hacking sites (Mod_Security, CXS Exploit Scanner, Malware Detection, etc.)
  • QTH has servers in each of the 3 data centers owned by LiquidWeb in Lansing, Michigan. LiquidWeb is a "Fortune 1000" company and maintains three world-class data centers in Lansing. You can read more about them here These data centers are all SSAE-16 Compliant, have redundant networking gear, diesel generator and battery backup power, 4 tier-1 bandwidth providers (Level 3, Verizon, Cogent, Comcast), and are fully secured. In addition, these data centers have Linux Sysadmins on staff, 24x7, should we need hardware or software assistance.
QTH invoices are emailed monthly, quarterly, semiannually, or annually at the beginning of the covered period. Here are some sample lines from their emailed invoice:
To view this invoice and to pay via Credit Card, PayPal, Check or Money 
order, or to apply any credits you may have in your account, please 
visit our billing site at:
    Username:  yourUserName
    Password:   [hidden]
      To reset your password, see:

Or, you may PAY INSTANTLY without logging in, by using this special link:

NOTE:  If you wish to pay by check, you may simply print this email and 
enclose with your payment.  You may also log into your account and view 
and print a PDF version of this invoice.
QTH offers email via webmail, POP3 or IMAP. Basic virus and spam filtering are performed. Spam Expert provides an additional layer of spam control and can send a daily report of quarantined messages. Click the Spam Expert link below.
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